2018 Mentor Circles


Apply now for 2018!

Auckland | New York City

Happy 2018 ladies! OKREAL mentor circles in both Auckland and NYC will be starting back up in April, and we are taking applications now for both. Post circle, you’ll have an army of women behind you and a list of action items for to get you on the right track for 2018.

Before you apply for a circle, please read our Mentor Circle Guide. This has everything you need to know about how circles work and what you can expect.




Select Mentor Circles with Amy. April dates TBD, but apply now as we form groups ahead of time.


58 Surrey Crescent
Auckland, New Zealand


Signature Mentor Circles with Uli. April dates and location TBD, but apply now as we form groups ahead of time.

If you don’t know what Signature means, you cheated! Please refer to the Mentor Circle Guide for more information.


• An intimate, guided session of conversation and connection with a group of women who we think will be a good match for you.
• An invaluable network of women to support you beyond this three and a half hour session.
• Breakfast snacks
• Access to our private Facebook mentor group (also known as the OKREAL illuminati). Need a designer, intern, collaborator, friend, accountant? This is where you’ll find it. Future and past mentor circle participants also have access to this group, so your network of curated industry contacts will continue to expand—enabling your opportunity to grow right along with it. We also offer discounts for all events and special perks for members.

How to apply

  1. Read the Mentor Circle Guide.
  2. Submit your application here.
  3. If you are invited to join, you will receive an email from us. You must accept the invite and make payment within eight hours, or we will pass along to someone else.
  4. If it takes a while for you to receive an invite, this is a reflection of the amount of applications we receive (Not you! You are great!), and the fact we can only take a limited number of women at a time. Please be patient and know that it might take a while for us to place you in a group. There is no need to email us to follow up, we have your information.




“I went into the mentor circle not knowing exactly what to expect. That time we each spent sharing our stories turned out to be magical—the other women in my group were so insightful, and Amy was an amazing support and facilitator of the conversation. She interjected naturally while letting the circle members lead, offering amazing nuggets of wisdom along the way. She listened not only to what was being said but how each of us was saying it—having these outside perspectives on our own problems from angles we couldn’t ourselves see was immensely helpful. I ended up walking out with clear action items, and a stack of post-its distilling all of the wisdom that was shared with me during that time. The whole experience was incredible cathartic, helpful, and inspiring, and I would recommend a circle to any woman looking for genuine support, advice, and community.”—Susannah

“There’s something about the kind of woman who seeks out an OKREAL circle… they’re inspired, driven, and value the input and strength of women coming together. Coming in and getting unbiased opinions from strangers who are driven like you is something invaluable.” ——Ariel

“I was feeling really overwhelmed and anxious trying to juggle my professional and personal goals. It was such a relief to sit with supportive, like-minded women and receive sincere advice and learn that I’m not alone.” ——Kate



Space provided by
Sans Ceuticals