Aerie x OKREAL

September 19th | 7:00pm—8:30pm

Panel with Jess Weiner, Cultural Changemaker

AERIE | 75 Spring Street, 10012, NY

I remember seeing Aerie billboards years ago when they first launched #aerieREAL: beautiful, underwear-clad women in their un-retouched glory towering above me in downtown Manhattan—before un-retouched imagery was a thing. They’ve stayed true to their brand value of realness since, and we could not be more thrilled to be partnering with Aerie for an OKREAL panel on how to stay true to yourself and stand in your power.

Our panel on September 19th will feature:

Headshot-Jess-Weiner Jess Weiner
CEO and Cultural Changemaker with over two decades of experience in the business of empowerment.

I’ll be asking questions like: 

• What has been fundamental to get you where you are today?
• What advice do you have for someone who feels like they haven’t found their voice?
• We are constantly challenged to stand in our power—what gives you the strength to own who you are?


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