Women & Courage

Nov 17 | 7:00pm—9:00pm

Live Interview with A.L.C. Founder Andrea Lieberman

818 S Broadway, Los Angeles

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from OKREAL, it’s that women and courage are synonymous. Our courage is in our kindness, our strength, our intelligence, our intuition. It is our courage that defines us, that propels us forward in life, that makes us powerful. In honor of courageous women everywhere, we’re partnering with A.L.C. to bring you a live interview series in Los Angeles and New York City. For our first event in LA, I’ll be interviewing A.L.C. founder Andrea Lieberman. Andrea is someone who has done big things quietly. Prior to founding A.L.C. in 2009, Lieberman was a stylist for Gwen Stefani, Mary J Blige, Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore (Remember JLO’s green dress at the Grammy’s in 2000? Lieberman).

I’ll be asking questions like:

• How do you find courage when you need it the most?
• If you’re not naturally tough or brave, is this something you can cultivate?
• What are the biggest challenges you’ve had and how have you overcome these?

You will love this if:

• You’re trying to find the guts to do something great with your life.
• You want to stop fear from getting in the way.
• You struggle with making tough decisions and want insight into how one woman decided what she wanted and went after it.

Your ticket includes:

• Wine and light bites
• A handprinted OKREAL notebook
• A lil somethin’ from A.L.C.
• The chance to hang out with a rad group of women who you might end up collaborating or getting coffee with.

Ticket Please!