Outdoor Voices 

There’s a reason every woman in the city wears OV. Super comfy, compression in all the right places, high enough waist without riding up, and the relief of non-neon colors. I’m doing this handstand at SKY TING Yoga in the Double Time Bra and Warmup Leggings.



You already know that OKREAL and THINX are friends, but can we talk about the actual product for a minute? I wear these religiously during my period, particularly at night. Just like magic, they make things disappear and I have no idea how. I wear the sport cut (pictured) and the boyshort.



When Pai sent me their Rosehip cleanser, I wasn’t sure if it would cut through the layer of New York grime my face hides beneath in summer, but turns out I was wrong. The Rosehip oil is a deep, expensive-looking orange and feels like angels kissing your face.



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