In partnership with Caudalie, this panel featured Vienna Pharaon (Founder of MindfulMFT and a licensed marriage and family therapist), Alex Covington (Brand Director of The Wing), and Faith Xue (Editorial Director of Byrdie). We talked about the stress that’s often associated with the holiday season and explored ways to stay calm and in control.


“Be conscious of prioritizing everything else but yourself.” —Alex Covington

“For me, winter time is about facing inwards. I reflect on the entire year and what I’ve learned, then I think about what I want out of the following year.” —Faith Xue

What do your boundaries look like when you’re in a challenging space?’” —Vienna Pharaon


“No matter what your relationship is with somebody, you need to set boundaries for yourself. Don’t let anyone suck you dry.” —Vienna Pharaon

“Focus on the art of saying ‘no’ and be realistic about what’s feasible. You don’t have to make every single thing work.” —Alex Covington


“We’re not superheroes, we’re human. It’s important to have honest conversations with yourself about how you’re going to hit your goals.” —Alex Covington

“It’s been scientifically proven that rituals ease anxiety.” —Faith Xue

“Routines and rituals help you learn to trust yourself. You can rewrite your internal story. It creates safety within your own self.” —Vienna Pharaon



“Focus on your productive energy and spend time with yourself. —Alex Covington

“Figure out the things you are excited about and invite that energy into your life. It takes courage, but it will ultimately be what brings good things back to you.” —Faith Xue

“Before a big brainstorm or pitch, I stand up and do a few body rolls to center myself.” —Alex Covington

“I find connection to be restorative.” —Vienna Pharaon

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“I want to live a life of intention. I want to project into the world what I would like the world to bring back to me.” —Faith Xue

“I’m in the unlearning phase of many things.” —Alex Covington

“Get very clear with the agreement you have with yourself and the agreement you have with the people in your life.” —Vienna Pharaon

ViennaPVW Vienna Pharaon
Founder of MindfulMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

AlexCBW Alex Covington
Brand Director, The Wing

FaithXuBW Faith Xue
Editorial Director, Byrdie

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