The Transformers

October 26 | 7:00pm—9:00pm

Panel with Suma Jane Dark, Essie Golden & Alexis Krase.

393 Broadway, New York City

We are excited to announce our partnership with Elomi—the fuller-figure lingerie and swimwear brand—as they launch The Elomi Portrait Project: a thought-provoking event merging art, fashion and data designed to shift society’s perception of women beyond just what the eye can see. The heart of OKREAL has always been in sharing women’s stories and championing their individuality and courage—aligning our mission with Elomi’s and making for a super special collaboration.

Elomi has partnered with five influential female artists (Zoe Buckman, Sam Cannon, Suma Jane Dark, Jordan Sondler, Camila Rosa) and paired them with influencers and pioneers in the body positivity space: Nicolette Mason, Chastity Valentine, Essie Golden, Chante Burkett, Kristine Thompson. IBM Watson was used to collect and analyze their online data including blog posts, news articles and interviews, analyzing text and spoken data to create an understanding of each woman’s prominent personality traits, intrinsic motivators, key values, and most commonly-expressed emotions. Each artist was then presented with a personal narrative about their assigned woman which integrated IBM Watson data analysis with the high-touch human analysis to provide a more comprehensive view of the woman used to inspire their respective artwork.

Our panel on October 26th will feature:

SumaSuma Jane Dark

EssieEssie Golden
Writer & Blogger

AlexisAlexis Krase
Owner, @plusBKLYN

You will love this if you:

• Want to hear about how these women have faced and conquered challenges.
• Want insight on defining yourself, independent of cultural and societal expectations.
• Want to be surrounded with likeminded, ambitious creative women who you might end up collaborating with.

About the panel:

When the status quo fails to fit your needs, you have a choice. You can accept it—or you can tailor it to be something you envision, that never existed before. This panel will feature three brave and brilliant women who have done just that: transforming facets of contemporary culture to the benefit of fuller-figured women everywhere. We’ll have each woman share their story of confronting cultural voids and taking matters into their own hands to change things. After they speak to their respective accomplishments, we’ll broaden the focus and discuss related, bigger-picture themes that play out in their daily lives.

We only have 25 spots to spare, which includes complimentary bra fittings (and bras). For those who miss out, the exhibit will be open all day (10-7pm) October 27. This event is free! Limited spots available, RSVP while you can.