Embodying Goals

Sunday May 15 | 3:00pm—5:30pm

A yoga workshop with SKY TING YOGA.

55 Chrystie St, 4th Floor
New York City

Spring always feels like a new beginning: hopeful, exciting and fresh. It’s the same feeling as starting a new chapter in life: it gives you the energy to get moving, but it’s a tricky feeling to hang onto. Stress and to-do lists and drama get in the way. I want to know how to get shit done without acting like a maniac. I’m always looking for ways to balance my drive with a sense of calm. I don’t even know if it’s possible. But then I look at Krissy and Chloe of SKY TING and think that it must be. So we’re doing a yoga workshop to find out how to reach your goals while staying chill.

After an hour long session of yoga—including a guided mediation on goal setting—I’ll be leading an interactive interview with the pair so I can ask them questions like: ‘How do I reach my goals without compromising my sanity?’ or perhaps more accurately, ‘How do I stay sane without compromising my goals?’ Krissy and Chloe will be guiding us through a holistic approach to goal setting through the wheel of achievement meditation, and we’ll be learning how they balance a startup business while practicing what they preach.

This is for you if:

• You want to learn a gentler (yet still effective) goal-setting method.
• You want to learn how to balance your ambition and drive with a sense of contentment (aka, hustle without losing your mind.)
• You’re entering a new chapter in your life, are starting something new (or thinking about it!) and need some extra help in getting there.
• You want to spend your Sunday afternoon doing yoga hanging out with rad women.

Event outline:

3pm—4pm | Yoga and meditation led by Krissy and Chloe

4—4:30pm | Refreshments

4:30—5:30pm | Interactive Interview with Krissy and Chloe, followed by a Q&A

Your ticket gets you:

• An hour-long yoga and meditation session led by Krissy & Chloe.*
• An hour-long interactive interview followed by a Q&A session.
• A worksheet outlining the wheel of achievement meditation method, with prompts on how this applies to you personally / your own goals.
• A bonus SKY TING YOGA class pass (valued at $20) so you can come again.
• Drinks and snacks.
• The opportunity to meet with other likeminded women who you may end up getting coffee with / collaborating with.

*Mats, blankets and blocks provided.

Space is limited!

Early bird tickets are $50 while they last.
Regular tickets are $56.

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Image by Vanessa Granda