Before I got pregnant, my biggest quandary about having a baby was: How do I know if I’m ready? Culminating in: I know I want a family, but just not now. My girlfriends and I would share the same sentiment over dinners where we didn’t have to get back to babysitters, a reverberating theme among the 20-30 year old circuit of ambitious New York women with full lives, in-tact sleeping patterns and stroller-less 4th floor walk ups.

Cue Trellis: the women’s fertility studio where wellness meets the sophisticated science of egg-freezing: allowing women to preserve, and own, their fertility. Join us for a transparent, REAL discussion about what fertility and motherhood looks like for a range of women at all stages of the game, including how the egg-freezing process works. We’re going to take the over-dinner talks you have with your girlfriends in front of an audience, and look at fertility in all of its forms and stages.

Also: free fertility testing for all! Yup. Arrive at 6PM to get your AMH tested and speak with a Trellis fertility coach.

Followed by a conversation featuring:

eva Eva Goicochea
Founder and CEO, Maude

kai Kai Avent-deLeon
Founder, Sincerely, Tommy

amy Amy Fraser
Founder, OKREAL

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