Our final NYC Lou & Grey Girl Talk panel featured Nikki Ogunnaike, Fashion Features Director of Elle.com, and Sarah Levey, Co-Founder of Y7 Studio. We talked with them about Lou & Grey’s new FORM collection, the biggest obstacles they’ve overcome in their careers and how they incorporate fitness into their day-to-day.


“FORM speaks to the individual. It’s being who you are and being adaptable to change.”
—Sarah Levey


“I can always find an excuse to do more work, so having someone to do things with outside of work holds me accountable to those other areas of my life.”
—Sarah Levey

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“Writing is like flexing a muscle. You have to work that muscle and write constantly. That practice is how you find your voice.”
—Nikki Ogunnaike

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“Confidence is a daily practice.”
—Nikki Ogunnaike


“When you try and force a perfect timeline, you can get in your own way. Things are always going to change.”
—Sarah Levey

“It’s important to have cheerleaders around you who will tell you the truth.”
—Nikki Ogunnaike


“You have to make mistakes, get over that hump, and that’s when you learn.”
—Sarah Levey


“My dream was just to pay my rent. And my sister was like, dude you gotta dream bigger.”
—Nikki Ogunnaike


“Making mistakes boosts my confidence level the next time I have to make a decision—because I learn from them each time.”
—Sarah Levey


“You have to be malleable. You can only control the way you react to a situation.”
—Nikki Ogunnaike


“If I’m going to be the best person for my team, it’s important that I take some time for myself.”
—Sarah Levey


“Say you’re going to do it, and know it’s OK to fail along the way. You will get there.”
—Nikki Ogunnaike


“If you don’t learn how to say no, that’s a problem.”
—Nikki Ogunnaike


“Block out the noise and stay focused on what you’re good at.”
—Sarah Levey


“Be ruthless about keeping negativity out of your life.”
—Nikki Ogunnaike


Nikki Ogunnaike
Fashion Features Director at Elle.com

Sarah Levey
Co-founder of Y7 Studio