How to be a boss

May 6, 2016 | 8:30am—10:00am

What it takes to grow a successful creative business.
An interactive interview with Roanne Adams.

New York City

Roanne was my first boss when I came to New York City. I worked as a Project Manager at RoAndCo Studio: the design and branding agency she founded in 2006. Years later, she was one of the first women I interviewed for OKREAL. Working with Roanne as a green 24-year-old (fresh to New York City) was intimidating. She was tough, smart and successful. The concept of turning creativity into a business was a total mystery to me, and Roanne was someone who, in my opinion, had mastered it. RoAndCo has since gone from strength to strength, and my curiosity has not faded.

This interactive interview will provide an intimate look at what she considers to be the key attributes to the success of her business—as well as what she’s still learning, and why as a leader, you’ll never have all of the answers. We’ll hone in on three core themes: money, people, strategy. I’ll be asking Ro questions like, “How do you maintain your creative vision without micromanaging?”, “How do you come up with solutions when you’ve never done something before?” and “Do you need a strategy to be successful?“

There will be a worksheet for you to scribble down any thoughts you have throughout the discussion, and a Q&A afterwards where you can ask Roanne questions directly.

You will love this if you:

• Want honest insight into what it takes to build a creative business.
• Want to learn about the challenges that come with the territory, and how to manage them.
• Want tips on how to come up with the answers when you don’t have them.

What your ticket includes:

• Donuts, mimosas and coffee!
• An OKREAL worksheet for you take down any notes or thoughts.
• A complimentary work day at the Projective Space LES location. Bring your computer and hang out for the rest of your Friday.*

*Complimentary work day limited to May 6 only.

OKAWAY tickets:

For those who want to take part but can’t make it, we’ve added an OKAWAY ticket so you can listen to the interview on your own time. By purchasing an OKAWAY ticket, you’ll receive an audio recording from the live event. You’ll also get to hear the Q&A session with the audience afterward.

This is not a livestream, so it doesn’t matter where in the world you are—you’ll have the file to listen to whenever you please.

Audio will be sent straight to your inbox by May 9, 2016. Tickets are on sale for a limited time, so get in while you can!

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