I’m always conflicted as to whether I should be writing on OKREAL as a professional businesswomen who Has It All Together or a human being, trying to wrangle with life and its inherent Never Having It Together-ness. The truth is, it’s much easier to write from the latter when I don’t feel reduced to an inspirational, rainbow-spouting-robot. So it is from this place that I shall continue to speak from, because the former is exhausting and OKREAL has always been a space where I can figure myself out in the open (this is what I hope it is for you too, or could be—read on.) I returned to New Zealand from New York City and LA just over two weeks ago. Six events in ten days, working with incredible partners: Aerie, TED, Adidas, Heyday. We’re starting to drive our mentor circle program and do more in-house work with brands—helping them develop content and community (This sounds like brand-speak because it is—only because I can’t share the actual stuff yet—but I will soon). Two weeks away from my baby—and my partner—was hard. If you take a glance at my personal Instagram you’ll see that BEING IN LOVE AND ALSO BEING A MOTHER IS REALLY DISTRACTING. I am enthralled with this whole new concept of life outside of work and am feverishly trying to prevent the sweet riots of the heart from causing my business to crash and burn, but more on that another day. The real reason I am pouring my heart out to you is to say: it’s time for OKREAL to evolve, and I want your help doing that.


I’m currently working on OKREAL 2.0: The website, what we offer, how we connect with and grow our community. Our goal has always been to help women define their version of fulfillment and how to create it for themselves. I want to strip back the clutter of the site and the brand, and make sure we’re giving the people (you are the people) what they want. OKREAL has been built from listening to our community, and I need to hear you right now.

I started the website as an editorial platform. But the core of OKREAL is no longer written interviews. I don’t know if people are reading long form content anymore. Or are they? People tell me they want a podcast. But there are so many podcasts! Back when we started doing panels, there weren’t a lot of similar panels going on. Now there are so many. Which is brilliant, because they were obviously needed. But what can we give you that you aren’t getting elsewhere? Something we are launching this year is an online course around mentor circles. You can give me your feedback for that, specifically, here.

Otherwise, if you want your voice to be a part of the new rendition of OKREAL, you can fill in this survey. Or email me personally. I’d love that.

New Zealand is far away and I am trying to convince myself that I can run a business on another continent with a one year old baby. And I have always told women to ask for help. So this is me asking. As a form of thanks, instead of a branded tote bag that will get slung on the overpopulated tote-bag-hook on your coat rack and never used, in the survey you get the option to send in an Ask Amy question. And I will write a response to you for the site. You can see some of these here. It will probably take me less time to brand a tote bag and send it across the ocean by pigeon, but, I’m hoping a response to a query you have will be more useful than an unused cotton sack.

If you are still reading by now, I must have hit some internet record. Or maybe it’s proof long form content still reigns. I will never know unless you share your thoughts with me.

Thank you, truly. OKREAL has always been there for me and I want to ensure it continues to be there for you, in the way you need it.