10 Truths: Jen Sincero

Jen Sincero

  • Something about you that might surprise others?
  • I’m very undisciplined. Especially with writing. Every book I’ve written has been done within one month, because I need the fear of God in me and the pressure to focus. If I have a book deal with eight months to write it, I will screw around for seven and spend the last month in my robe doing nothing but writing.
  • Favorite age so far and why?
  • I’ve had such an awesome life, I don’t know if I can pick one favorite. All ages have brought such important knowledge, such great fun and empowering sadness and lessons.
  • Any vices?
  • I burned through them pretty early on—I gave them all a chance! I was just telling a friend how boring I am in the vice department. I guess sugar? I really love sugar. And cigarettes. I plan on picking up cigarettes again when I’m 75 or 80 and I’m really excited about it.
  • What do you admire most in others?
  • Kindness.
  • Immediate turn off?
  • Greed. Emotionally, financially, spiritually.
  • Biggest insecurity or fear?
  • That I’m too intimidating.
  • When do you feel like the best version of yourself?
  • When I’m laughing with people who are also laughing.
  • Words you live by?
  • They change all the time—it really depends where I’m at in life and what I’m working on. Right now they’re ‘Slow down. Slow down and lean back.’
  • Something you have yet to figure out?
  • How to gracefully (rather than grouchily) respond to people who attempt to engage in height conversations with me. I’m 6'1", I get it pretty much every time I leave the house in a vertical position.
  • Something you have figured out?
  • How to set better boundaries.