10 Truths: Jessica Walsh

Jessica Walsh

  • Something about you that might surprise others?
  • That’s hard. Not much would surprise others as I’ve revealed all my darkest secrets on my personal projects like 12 Kinds of Kindness and 40 Days of Dating. I guess something I’ve rarely shared is that I’m a TV show junkie. I have insomnia at times and it’s one of the only things that help me fall asleep at night. Currently I am obsessed with “The Girlfriend Experience,” “Transparent,” “The Americans” and “The Returned.”
  • Favorite age so far and why?
  • The age I am right now, 29! I always felt bad for old people when I was younger. I thought it must suck to grow up and have responsibilities and get wrinkles. However with each year I gain confidence, freedom, and I care less and less about what others think of me. So I think I’ll always love the age I am!
  • What do you admire most in others?
  • I appreciate humble, hard working people who are generous and kind.
  • Immediate turn off?
  • Lack of common sense, people who are lazy, ego-driven, or obnoxious.
  • Something that makes you smile?
  • When I make a breakthrough on a project and I’m really proud and excited for a new idea we’re working on.
  • Biggest insecurity or fear?
  • Having children, and whether or not I should have children at all. I love my life right now and the freedoms I have. I had many rough unhappy teenage years and I fear doing anything to change my life in a drastic way that could bring back depression or anxiety. What if I have kids and I hate it? However I also equally fear not having children and missing out on such a meaningful experience to share my love and creativity with a child, and help shape a child’s life in a positive way.
  • When do you feel like the best version of yourself?
  • When I have a personal project that energizes and inspires me that I’m excited to share with the world.
  • Words you live by?
  • Work hard and be kind to people.
  • Something you have yet to figure out?
  • Where life will take me.
  • Something you have figured out?
  • Where I hope life will take me.