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How did you know this was the right path for you?

I’m someone who really listens to my GPS: my glow power system, intuition. I am guided to do work that serves others and nourishes my soul. I got very clear signals that I was on the right track by staying attuned to the feeling. When something doesn’t feel right—I don’t do it. I know that I won’t feel overwhelmed with excitement every day, but there is always an underlying joy that I connect with everything I do. When I wake up I give thanks for this path. I am grateful that I get to work with women along the miraculous journey to birth.


Do you believe we’re ever really ‘ready’ to do something? How do we start when we’re stuck?

Every bit of living you’ve done thus far has prepared you for this very moment. I believe we are ready for whatever comes our way. For things not yet manifested that we want to make space for, we can ready ourselves in mind, body and spirit, but nothing prepares us for the unknown better than the experience itself. It’s important to remember that you have something unique to give and when you feel you’re in a rut, help someone else. Find a way to be of service—it will lift you out of lethargy. Begin doing more of the activities you love. Don’t worry about productivity and focus on having fun for a change, it will catapult you out of that space of stagnation.


Doing courageous things requires losing our excuses. What excuses did you have to get rid of to get to where you are now?

I had to dial back the dialogue that I wasn’t smart enough, good enough, that I didn’t have enough support to live my dream out loud. I am very risk friendly when it comes to business and that helped me to move forward, because I wasn’t afraid of uncertainty. As a single mom I had to overcome many obstacles in my path, but I chose to step out on faith. I never once told myself that I couldn’t do it, and in moments of doubt I kept putting one foot in front of the other, which charted my course.


What have been your biggest challenges so far, and how have you overcome them?

One of the biggest challenges I have is accepting help and delegating tasks. I have people around me now that I give a fair amount of responsibility to, and each time they show up and over-deliver, I am reminded that when you trust in others and their capabilities, they will surprise you. It’s important for me to have people feel ownership over their work, and deep involvement in the trajectory of Mama Glow.


From the outside it looks like you’ve made it—but what are some of the things that you still feel insecure about? That you haven’t quite nailed yet?

I don’t consider that I’ve made it. Every day I am learning, growing and moving along my journey. I don’t ever want to get to a place where I feel like I’m at the end, there is always work to be done.


What are the things you’re super proud of?

I am super proud of my incredible son DJ Fulano who a 13-year-old prodigy. He started deejaying when he was five and professionally when he was eight-years-old. He’s worked with incredible corporate clients like Target, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Ralph Lauren and more, performed in front of thousands in arenas including Madison Square Garden and The Barclays, he’s done a TED talk on music and spoken at the United Nations about music being a pathway for peace. He’s been named one of Crain’s top 20 under 20 and is a really grounded and kind person. I’m also really proud of being a part of Oprah’s Super Soul 100. I was listed amongst friends like Jesse Williams, who I have known since college, Zendaya who is my little sis from Oakland, Lin Manuel Miranda, India Arie, Iyanla Vanzant, Tony Robbins and more. We were invited to spend a weekend with Oprah for the Super Soul Sessions, then an amazing brunch at OWN and a photo shoot that ended up in the O Magazine September issue. Finally, I am really proud of DJ Khaled sharing the birth of his son on snapchat and showcasing my work supporting his wife as their birth doula. I am so proud of the influence I’ve made that has inspired him to embrace parenthood, normalizing natural birth and sharing his son’s debut with the world and his millions of followers.


How do you motivate yourself on the tough days? What keeps you moving forward?

I pray. I have a relationship with God. I talk out loud to God. I ask for support and guidance. I call my grandmother and ask for her to pray with me. I meditate and perform rituals to fuel my self care practice. I take long walks outside alone in nature for clarity. What keeps me moving forward is the women I serve, the testimonials, the babies born. This all helps me stay committed to the journey—it fuels me.


Regardless of how busy you get, what are your non-negotiables?

Self Care is part of my gospel. It’s what I preach about all the time on social media. I call it Glow Time. I’m about cultivating rituals and reveling in radical self-care. Slowing down to celebrate and love yourself, whether that’s a hot bath, a foot rub, a full body massage, taking a hike or simply logging off of social media and reading a book. The moments we spend on ourselves and by ourselves are magical. I make space for glow time at various parts of the day. For instance, in the morning I aim to rise early around 5:30 or 6am, and take my time to get ready. I move slowly, have a meditation moment a little prayer. During the day I might unfold my yoga mat and stretch it out at my office, or get a manicure and 10 minute massage before going back to the office. But nothing beats a hot bath in my Mama Glow Bath Soak. Once a week I will do a home spa day that entails applying a mask while in the shower and letting it set for 10 minutes after cleansing my face. The steam will open my pores and allow the product to penetrate and draw toxins from the skin to the surface to detoxify.


What advice would you have given yourself at the beginning of your journey?

Choose those in your inner circle wisely. Create a sister circle of supporters. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and will lift you in support along your journey. There will be challenges and nay-sayers, so having your own board of super heroines to help guide you and cheerlead for you will be a blessing.


What advice do you have for other women who are shooting for the moon?

You are a walking miracle, a divine piece of work! You are a one and only. This is your time to shine, to radiate, to touch everything in your midst with your divine light. This is about reclaiming every aspect of your fragmented self. We have been taught to fear our power, to be ashamed of the very things that make us uniquely ourselves. I’m inviting you to your initiation. I’m inviting you to celebrate those dark places and bring them into the light so you can become your most powerful self and lure anything you want into your path. Stay committed to your journey. Don’t allow fear or doubt to muddle the waters and prevent you from achieving your dreams.


Latham Thomas
Doula & Founder, Mama Glow


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