Launching a Business 101

July 26 | 6:30pm—8:30pm

A live interview with Negative Underwear founders Marissa Vosper and Lauren Schwab.

54 Greene Street #3B, NY NY 10012

There are so many things I wish I’d known before starting a business. Like the crucial things I should have had in place before I was in the deep end, what I wasted time worrying about, and the amount of energy I could have saved if I’d had that one piece of advice earlier. I’m going to be interviewing Negative Underwear founders Marissa Vosper and Lauren Schwab about their experience—what they wish they’d known, what they would have done differently, and the things they’ve had to learn in action (because there are some things no amount of advice can prepare you for!) They’ll be drawing from their specific experience in the retail / ecommerce industry, as well as translating their learnings into general advice that all potential business owners in the creative realm can make use of.


I’ll be asking questions like:

• What did you waste time on that you wish you hadn’t?
• What are the most important things to consider when starting a business—regardless of industry?
• What have been the most valuable lessons you’ve learned throughout the process?


You will love this if you:

• Are thinking about launching a business and want some practical advice on what it takes.
• Are in the early stages of a startup and want tips from women who have been there.
• Need some insight on that grey area from idea to execution.

What your ticket gets you:

• An OKREAL notebook
• Complimentary custom embroidery on any pair of Negative Underwear purchased at the event, and the chance to check out the collection IRL.
• Wine and snacks.
• The chance to meet likeminded women who you might end up getting coffee or collaborating with.

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