In honor of Mother’s Day, I asked my own mama for some of her best advice. This is what she told me.


• You will never be ready. For anything. For that child, that job, that opportunity. Just do your life. Don’t wait till you’re ready. Get on with it.

• Life is about other people, not about you. You get more fulfillment from what you give than from what you take.

• Always cook more potatoes than you think you need.

• The things that made you happy as a child (before you decided what you were ‘supposed’ to do) will give you insight into what you really need. Find and do those things.

• It’s good to know that it’s not all so important. In the end, all that’s important are your relationships and being at peace with how you’ve lived your life. All the other stuff in between doesn’t really matter.

• Having babies gets you outside of yourself.

• Our family is very fertile.

• Everything you do now is what people will know you for. One day people are going to say, that person was kind, or that person was driven. You have to choose now how you want to be seen in the end. Act like the person you want to be like. You will be recognized for how you were, not for how you wanted to be.

• Your life is long. You have time.

• Right now you are choosing who you will be. You will always be in a crux where you are choosing your future. Everything you do is a choice that is shaping who you are. You don’t get away with anything.

• You’re worth as much as you act that you are worth. Your pitch is not at the right level until they have to take a deep breath and raise their eyebrows. Until then you are underselling yourself.

• Keep a secret bank account.

• Life will work itself out. Stop stressing about it. It will happen.

• Don’t tell me to relax, get up and do the dishes.