Mentor Circles 2017


Now taking applications for April.

New York City | Breather

Mentor Circles have been the highlight of my year. Each week, we gather seven new women to talk about what we’re going through and how we can help each other. Post circle, we’ve had women leave jobs that weren’t right, get the guts to finally start their own projects, and overcome fear.

We’re now taking applications for April 2017. Each group is handpicked carefully—you’ll be placed in a group of women who you’ll be able to relate to and learn from. As circles are so intimate in size, they fill up extremely quickly. We currently have a waiting list, so we recommend applying sooner rather than later.

If you’re looking to kick your year off with an experience that will get you started on the right foot, this is a truly magical gift you can give yourself. Read the testimonials below to hear from other women who have done just that.


“This night changed my life in helping me realize what should have been so obvious, that I am the catalyst to the change I want in my career and ultimately my life. But sometimes you need a room full of intelligent, powerful women going through their own challenges to listen, advise and help you come to this realization, while sharing laughter and tears. It was also wonderful to be able to use the places in my life where I do feel confident to help others, offer questions they might not have thought to ask, and be a gentle, listening ear for each of the women in my group. Thank you for creating this powerful, inclusive community and welcoming me into it. I’m so grateful.” ——Raydene

“The mentor circle I was a part of was a beautiful experience. Being in a group of successful women from many different feels gave our talks a well rounded conversation. I found the advice I got to give to others to be extremely helpful. Besides that, I found that being a part of the Facebook group is very beneficial for networking. I introduced myself and spoke about what my goal entails and almost immediately got feed back and messages from people who would like to be involved. As I write this I sit in a cafe with two of the girls from my group. We are all working on our projects that we spoke about during the circle. Not only did we gain a small team of motivators but we gained some new friends as well!” ——Rachel



• An evening of intimate conversation with myself and participants who we think are a good match for you.
• An invaluable network of women to support you beyond this three and a half hour session.
• Breakfast and coffee by Happy Bones.
• Access to our private Facebook mentor group (also known as the OKREAL illuminati). Need a designer, intern, collaborator, friend, accountant or gyno recommendation? This is where you’ll find it. We also offer discounts for all events and special perks for members! Here, we post breakthroughs and key learnings after each event—but the main purpose is to provide a space where we can continue the conversation and stay connected. Future and past mentor circle participants also have access to this group, so your network of curated industry contacts will continue to expand—enabling your opportunity to grow right along with it. If we expand our mentorship program internationally, these participants will also be part of this private group.

How to take part

• If you are interested in being a part of a mentor circle, please answer a few questions through this questionnaire. We need this information so we can create a balanced group.
• If you are invited to join, you will receive an email from us. You must accept the invite within eight hours, or we will pass along to someone else. Fee is $95 per person.
• We can only host seven women at a time, so please don’t be offended if you’re not included immediately! We have your information and will try and accommodate all who apply in time.
• Serious applications only, please. If you do apply, keep an eye on your email so you’ll get the heads up in time.


• You will be there to share as much as you are there to receive, and willing to listen as much as you are there to talk. This thing goes two ways!
• We will be sharing emails after each event, with the objective of participants staying in contact and helping each other out in future.
• Sorry dudes, this is ladies only.


Dates: Jan, Feb, March sold out. Now taking applications for April. Dates TBD. Location: Manhattan, NYC
Time: 8.45AM—12:30PM
Accepting 7 women for each circle only



Space provided by Breather