Our First Online Course

Want To Run Your Own Mentor Circles?
This Course Is For You.


Introducing My Mentor Circle: An online course on how to run your own Mentor Circles.

When I thought about what to do next with my business I thought about where the good things in my life have come from. (This question is the closest I have ever gotten to a business plan: How can I let what feels good lead me?). Everything good I have done can be drawn back to a connection or someone who has given me the strength to move forward. It has all stemmed from the people I have surrounded myself with. Community makes big things in life possible and then it makes them less hard. My biggest privilege in New York, my raison d'être, is my community.

I started a mentorship program in New York as an extension of OKREAL a few years ago as a way to nurture, galvanize and grow our community. I was watching people in the crowds of our panels forge partnerships, friendships and businesses, and saw how valuable this was for the trajectory of their personal development, and how their networks were expanding. I developed a formula for mentor circles as a way to harness what was already happening—to foster an environment where our women could stand on one another’s shoulders.

Over the years, I watched people’s lives change after coming to these circles. Our mentor circle applications ran into the thousands. We could not accommodate everyone in person. This online course is my solution to scale our offering: to give our community the tools to create their own circles. To be the leaders of their own tribe.

The course launches in September. This is just a dinky holding page so we can get emails from people who are interested. The real thing is going to be a 10 module course with worksheets and videos and methodology pyramids and other stuff I have wrangled from the dusty corners of my brain.

You can throw in your email and be the first to know when it launches. I’ll also be answering any questions you have via IG stories. You can find me on @ameohmy or @heyokreal. I hope this serves you as much as it has served me.