Has the wellness world confused you to the point where you just add kale to whatever you’re eating and hope for the best? Have you tried something new like Paleo / Whole30 / Veganism / Keto, had sub-par results and don’t know why? Do you want to be healthy without having to cleanse your chakras with crystals, eat chicken breast and broccoli around the clock, or work out every day of the week?

We’re teaming up with The Form Room for REAL WELL—a talk to clear things up and get you headed in the right direction. Join us for a no-bs chat about demystifying what works and what doesn’t. Snacks by our pals at Think Food!

I’ll be moderating (and joining in with tips about postpartum fitness) with the following guests:

OKR-jess Jess Quinn
Live Your Best Life Advocate & Cancer Survivor

With potentially the best attitude this side of the South Pacific, Jess Quinn will be sharing insight into the motivational side of committing to a healthy way of life, regardless of your circumstances.

OKR-julia Julia Matthews
Co-Founder, Two Islands and Julia & Libby

You may know Julia as half of the heavenly sister duo Julia & Libby who stand for all things healthy, but I’ve seen her eat a cheeseburger with mayo (or two) in her day. Julia will be bringing a down to earth perspective about eating well while still enjoying yoself.

OKR-RealWell Richard Janett
Co-owner & Trainer, The Form Room

Rich will be bringing the FACTS with his background in physiological science, and schooling us in what we think we know.

OKR-sarah Sarah Evans
Founder, The Form Room

Because we know a generalized approach to health does not solve all problems, Form Room Founder Sarah Evans will be taking all of your one-on-one questions post panel.

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