Self Care:
Routines for Busy People

Tuesday June 7 | 8:15am—10:00am

An interactive interview with CAP Beauty on how to prioritize yourself.

Grand St, Soho
New York City

I’m fascinated with routines, especially when it comes to self care. Should I meditate? Foam roll? Avoid gluten? Oil pull? Eat three solid meals or five small ones? Weights or yoga or running? I weigh up the research against what’s realistic (sorry ‘no carbs after 7PM’ rule), and then think, does any of this stand a chance in my day-to-day life? In my quest for advice that I can apply in real time, I thought I’d defer to two women who are leaders in the beauty and wellness scene, but are also in the grind of a small business.

Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima are the founders of CAP Beauty: the NYC store and spa pioneering natural beauty and wellness. I want to know how they’ve grown a business around self-care while honoring it at the same time, what their routines look like (or at least, try to look like), their non-negotiables, and what they recommend to look and feel your best.

We’ll be discussing their routines and recommendations around:

• Diet and nutrition
• Fitness and beauty
• Relationships and people
• Goal setting and business
• Products

You will love this if you:

• Find that balance is often unattainable, and want realistic insight into what works.
• Value your health and wellness, but are super busy and find healthy routines are the first to go.
• Want to learn about the best in natural products and practices from experts in the industry.

Your ticket gets you:

• A customized OKREAL notebook
• A mini CAP Beauty kit including samples from: Leahlani, Pai, Tata Harper and Wedderspoon
• Coffee by Happy Bones
• Anita’s yogurt and Ovenly granola parfaits
• An audio file of the interview delivered to your inbox

This will be an intimate group—grab an early bird ticket while you can.

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