For the first time ever, we brought an OKREAL panel (and mentor circle series) to San Francisco. In partnership with Women & Whiskies and Breather, we celebrated women leaders in the Bay Area and hosted a panel on leadership featuring Molly Hayward, Co-founder of Cora and Angelika Temple, Chief Creative Officer of Brit + Co. Delicious treats were provided by Siren Snacks and Pure Organic. Below is a recap of our favorite moments, including this gem from Molly: “We all get swept up in the current from time to time. Stepping back and remembering to take care of yourself is important.”


“Leadership is 50% vision, and 50% advocating for the people that you manage and collaborate with.”
—Anjelika Temple


“Leadership is the process of sharing your vision in a way that others believe in it.”
—Molly Hayward


“Be a boss-istant. You have to manage the team, but you should also share responsibilities.”
—Anjelika Temple

“See yourself as no different than the 10th or 12th person who joined your team.”
—Molly Hayward


“I go with my intuition first, then I seek out data to back it up.”
—Anjelika Temple


“Learning to trust intuition is a process.”
—Molly Hayward


“Everyone has a different way of receiving feedback.”
—Anjelika Temple

“Every time I have ignored my intuition, something has gone terribly wrong.”
—Molly Hayward


“Everyone has a leader within them. It’s finding the piece of the puzzle that you’re super confident and passionate about.”
—Anjelika Temple


“You cannot be a powerful leader if you are not fully grounded in your own personal power.”
—Molly Hayward


“I love growing people in their careers, helping them figure out what excites them, and how they can be productive and leave space for that ‘getting weird’ time.”
—Anjelika Temple

IMG_2196 IMG_2107

“We all get swept up in the current from time to time. Stepping back and remembering to take care of yourself is important.”
—Molly Hayward


“As a leader, there are times when people are not going to like your decision.”
—Anjelika Temple

“No one was born knowing everything. Everything has a learning curve.”
—Molly Hayward


“People benefit from knowing that they are responsible for what they are doing. It’s empowering to know you have to be accountable.”
—Anjelika Temple


“Take a moment to think about what you are grateful for.”
—Molly Hayward


“Know that you are always learning.”
—Anjelika Temple


“Do not feel confined to where you are because of the job you were hired into.”
—Molly Hayward

“Let people that you work with into a part of your life. People want to know that you’re dimensional.”
—Anjelika Temple


“You are the thing that is going to outlast any role or any company or any project: take care of yourself. ”
—Molly Hayward



Anjelika-Temple Anjelika Temple
Chief Creative Officer, Brit + Co

Molly-Hayward Molly Hayward
Co-founder, Cora Tampons