Who are the women who have helped you get to where you are? This West Coast panel featured Maggie Bo (AYR co-founder and CEO), Clare Vivier (founder of Clare V.), and Ally Walsh (co-founder of Canyon Coffee). We talked about how community is instrumental in building your business and solidarity in sisterhood. Big love to AYR for being part of the OKREAL community since day one—go check them out on Abbot Kinney!

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“Friendship is the thread that connects all of the roles in this business. We always say that this company has been built by friends and friends of friends.” —Maggie Bo

“In my early days, there was a community of other women bloggers who supported me and held me up. That community was key to the initial success of the company. ” —Clare Vivier

“It makes me so happy to see people cheer us on and who are so willing to give us a chance.” —Ally Walsh

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“I love seeing how people come into your life and take on different roles as time goes on.” —Maggie Bo

“If you’re a creative person who starts a business, you need to know what you’re good at and what you’re not good at. You’ve got to find the people who will take care of the areas you’re not strong in.” —Clare Vivier

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“Generosity, openness, and honesty are qualities that I look for. People who are not purely transactional. People who want to help you because of a human connection.” —Maggie Bo

“Put love into your vision. Don’t do something just to make someone else happy.” —Ally Walsh

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“When you’re experiencing success, there are people who will drop off because they can’t take seeing you do well. And it hurts, but you’ll be at a stage where you know you don’t have the energy to deal with that anymore.” —Clare Vivier

“Your real community—the people who matter—will see that you’re doing what you love and all the work that you’re putting into it.” —Ally Walsh

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“Work alongside people who have businesses that complement your own business: collaborate.” —Clare Vivier

“You need to have the willingness to fail, be able to figure it out on the fly, and be vulnerable.” —Maggie Bo

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“Make your mistakes early on when few people will see them.” —Ally Walsh

“Go with your gut. Instinct is validated by experience—so balance the two hand-in-hand.” —Maggie Bo

“Stop looking sideways and look ahead. Whatever you’re doing, keep looking forward.” —Clare Vivier

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“Confidence is transformative. If you’re not feeling it, find somebody to sit next to you who makes you feel it.” —Maggie Bo


maggie Maggie Winter
Co-Founder & CEO, AYR

clare Clare Vivier
Founder, Clare V.

ally Ally Walsh
Co-founder, Canyon Coffee

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