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Katherine Schwarzenegger & Iskra Lawrence

Katherine Schwarzenegger & Iskra Lawrence


Katherine Schwarzenegger & Iskra Lawrence


We partnered with Aerie for a triple city tour in Los Angeles, New York and Miami. This panel was our first #AerieREAL stop in LA featuring Katherine Schwarzenegger and Iskra Lawrence in conversation with OKREAL founder Amy Fraser about the power of positivity.

“I think the biggest misconception about positivity is that it’s easy.” —Katherine Schwarzenegger

“You need to stay in control of your own narrative. Stay conscious of who you surround yourself with and the environments you’re in.” —Iskra Lawrence

“It’s a myth that once you feel good about yourself, you then feel good about yourself forever. Positivity is ongoing process.” —Katherine Schwarzenegger

"Even if you are a positive person, you are allowed to not be OK sometimes. You are human.” —Iskra Lawrence

"I surround myself with people who make me laugh, who build me up, who want what’s best for me.” —Katherine Schwarzenegger

“On your journey of self-love, all your emotions are valid.” —Iskra Lawrence

“We shouldn’t ignore the power that we have within ourselves to help others.” —Iskra Lawrence

“It’s healthy to cry. It’s good to know that you don’t have to be perfect and strong all the time. You can feel sad and angry.” —Katherine Schwarzenegger

“One way we can all grow is to be aware of other people’s journeys and experiences.” —Iskra Lawrence

“If you don’t see yourself represented, then you are the representation.” —Iskra Lawrence

“Be open to receive.” —Iskra Lawrence

“My sense of self-worth came from understanding my purpose and my calling: knowing who I am and who I’m meant to be.” —Iskra Lawrence

“Get to a point where you know what you deserve in your relationships.” —Katherine Schwarzenegger

“I am enough day-to-day and just as I am.” —Iskra Lawrence

“You are loved. You are enough.” —Katherine Schwarzenegger

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